My first year at Yale


Kinda late but it's still summer, making it a good time to talk about my first year as a Yale grad student! 

MODs: I had three weeks of orientation before starting classes (unusual, I know) and we call them MODs, whatever that stands for. The whole thing was super outdoorsy, to match the spirit of a typical forestry/environmental student. If you know me at all, you know that does not really fit who I am. I love the outdoors but can only love it so much in the super hot and cold months! The first day, I was sure I screwed myself out of making friends. We were supposed to bike around New Haven and my parents hadn't brought my car yet with all of my stuff (including a backpack). I also didn't think to just buy one myself. So I carried around that day the big ass Kate Spade bag in this picture xD People were like, ok, who tf is this girl?! But in the coming weeks as we camped in 2 different forests, I redeemed myself and met my official crew that I spent the whole year with. They are amazing girls and have gotten me through ridiculous workloads, accumulating pressure to excel and heartbreak. My favorite part of MODs had to be kayaking around a beautiful lake in Great Mountain forest and just taking the time to relax my mind. A few of us had the same MODs schedule all three weeks and my crew is definitely the tightest. We share in so many potlucks, outings and other fun events that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Just a few of the fantastic 123ers

Just a few of the fantastic 123ers

Classes: I did as many classes as I could that would help me build my resume for my future cosmetic career. I did a class on life cycle analysis of chemicals found in consumer products, took a class where I had CHANEL as a client (and actually got to go to their headquarters to present my work!), got involved in entrepreneurship because of my dreams to one day have my own skin care line and even tried my hand at a class in the School of Management (in which I received honors with absolutely no knowledge of economics). I also put some time aside for research which will now be my main focus. 

Events: The School of Forestry and Environmental Studies is known to have the best parties. There are lots of themes involved and if they're not thrown at someone's house, they are thrown in our campus buildings as much larger events. We've had stuff like a Space party, Fantasy party, Halloween, Tacky Prom, End of the Year Soiree and other amazing events that brought in students from other schools on campus. I am having the time of my life. I have never been in such a social environment and for once, I can't wait for school to start again. 

Summer: Most of my friends have dispersed to different parts of the world. But now I am still having a great time as I have made new friends with a bunch of people in the year ahead of me that are still around for the summer. I can't believe I never got to talk to the second years. They are such awesome people and I now know that if I had applied to come here a year earlier as was planned, I would have had a great time with them too (class of 2019 are still my people!).

Dating: Figuring it out.

Overall: I love this place and feel like it is my home. I am so grateful to be here, I'm not sure what I ever did to deserve this opportunity. I will not waste it. I will appreciate every moment and am already so sad to have just one year left with these amazing people. Planning on making this upcoming year my best! Thank you FES for such a great experience so far!