Summer Jumpsuit: Two Looks

Jumpsuit  Forever 21

Jumpsuit Forever 21

Now that it's actually summer up north, the Yale campus looks like a fairytale with its pastel blooms on every tree. I'm in love with the weather and the new scenery. 

Forever 21 is killing it right now with summer style! This jumpsuit is so light and comfy, perfect for a hot day since it won't quickly stick to your skin. And for all the less busty girls out there, this neckline is very flattering because it stops right before the cleavage would normally begin and almost creates an illusion to bigger boobs ;)

I also wanted to bring up the difference a pair of shoes can make for a look like this. Originally, I just wanted to shoot this jumpsuit wearing heels, but I really got into the sneakers. The kind of casual vibe I'm getting with them is a sporty girl who still likes to dress up on occasion (I'd like to think I'm sporty?). With the heels, it's like I'm stepping out to a nice dinner. Throwing a leather jacket on top gives it more of a nighttime feel. 

Hope you enjoyed this! @sofia_etc really outdid herself with the photography.