Oh the weather outside is crispy and I'm feeling a little frisky ;)

Sorry, that was bad. But mama is enjoying herself a lot these days because tis the season to show some skin. Just as I thought I was going to go further away from crop tops, I decided that would be a waste of warmth.

I am loving this burnt orange top (looks more red in this picture). It pairs wonderfully with Anastasia Beverly Hills' Ashton liquid lipstick. The look feels more refreshing with minimal eye makeup and my hair pulled back. Totally should be on South Beach right now. I feel like this color makes me look a bit more tan, too, as opposed to just straight up red. It's also off-the-shoulder, which is my current obsession. This is probably one of the only off-the-shoulder tops that doesn't feel like you're super restricted because of how soft and stretchy it is. And bonus, it's less than $10. You know balling on a budget is main priority for a grad student. There are so many fun looks that keep popping into my head featuring this top, I can't wait to explore them all!