Cardigan  American Eagle (I think)  | Top  Express  | Jeans  Pac Sun  

Cardigan American Eagle (I think) | Top Express | Jeans Pac Sun 

Instead of this being a fashion post (I like the look and all), I wanted to do a life update because we don't talk enough. Here's what's been going on: the stud in my NYE insta pic is no longer my bf. It's been two months and I've had ups and downs. Ups were mostly when I'd forget about the situation. Most recently, and I don't know if this is exactly an up, but there was at least some inner peace when I realized there was more wrong with our relationship than me living far away from him. I guess we just weren't a fit. But he has definitely "left a mark." I'm going to miss being in a relationship with him and will also will wish I had some necessary conversations or even fights with him that could've made a difference with us for a while. 

That said, I am so not ready for entering the dating world! Because of that, I feel like I come off as awkward when I talk to a guy that's clearly trying to flirt with me. It hasn't been long enough for me to do so anyway but that moment feels miles away. For the most part, I think I really need to work on myself. 

I'm terrible about being honest when it comes to what I want and what's bothering me. I hate confrontation and fear the potential of a breakup. How foolish is that? You should speak your mind! I should've found the courage to do so with all of the very vocal guys I've dated. But no. I've got no balls. And I can't date again when I feel this way about myself. Maybe dating is how you get the hang of it. 

For now I want to build self confidence! I'm trying to fully embrace being 25 and just have fun. I want to enjoy life without feeling guilty about it (ex on the mind). I want to fully appreciate the fact that I'm at Yale. What are some things you've all done to boost energy, self-love or motivation?