Grad School Attire

ENTIRE outfit (minus the belt)  Marshalls  - under $130  Photo cred  Sofia Charania

ENTIRE outfit (minus the belt) Marshalls - under $130

Photo cred Sofia Charania

I survived my first week of classes! Well, we only had classes for two days but they were intense. People shopping courses and packing into the classrooms, trying to convince professors to let them into a class. Did you know once you get into Yale, you're not done with applications? I had to apply to take certain classes. Resume and statement of interest with your background. It never ends! So now I'm patiently waiting to hear back from professors and hopefully end up with at least one of those classes. The way some of these people dress is so inspiring. And I'm really digging the preppy look right now. And depending on what "school" you're in, it's a whole other world. The environmental school has excellent cardigans and leisurely strolling people while the business school is A LOT of commotion and the attire is as sharp as their brains.

So I wanted to be memorable my first day of grad school. Yes, there are some people wearing sweats or Hawaiian T-shirts. But I wanted to dress to impress for my first day. And nothing kills more in this setting than an unstructured blazer. Hoping it helps me weasel my way into classes I am technically underqualified for until my second year. But, the point of being here is to show your ambition anyway. Does begging count?

Anyway, one of the best things about being here is getting to meet so many different people. I actually met someone from the med school here who is also into fashion and she took these pictures! It feels so great to find someone with common interests with a real dedication to them. FINALLY! I now have a real chance to keep this blog going without it being such a pain in my ass.