New Apartment at Yale!

So, my adventures at Yale are officially beginning! Before I begin graduate work, I am going through the grueling move-in process, which is way more of a bitch when it's out of state. This is also my first experience with having roommates. I am beyond excited to have this part of the college experience that I missed out on as an undergrad. 

For now, we are actively collecting free furniture we've been finding on peoples front lawns, spending way too much time in IKEA and doing a little Craigslist hunting here and there. No, we still do not have a dining room table but our little home will have lots of character.

The furniture pictured here (minus the couch pillows) were front lawn finds. We planned on just using these pieces until we could afford to buy what we wanted but they're actually growing on me pretty quickly in all their shabby glory. We have things we want to reupholster and paint, which sounds like such a fun bonding project. I've never been much of a DIY person but I definitely have to start now!

I'm in love with this charming, New England loft feel. The windows are literally from my dreams and the lighting I'm getting is absolute life and it's super ideal for blogging! The creaking wooden floors have been getting stepped on for what seems like decades and the wear adds to the charm. And all of these space heaters almost act like a d├ęcor on their own. This is where the real history behind these apartments is visible. This old open space is so fun to put together on a budget because it just seems like rustic and vintage is the perfect fit. No pictures of my bedroom yet (not worth it). But progress pics will be posted later on! Stay tuned for all of the fun things we collect.