Let's Grab Coffee

Hey, readers! It feels so refreshing to do something different for you guys. Sure, I can tell you what goes with those camel-toned mules and why sweaters with holes are trying too hard. But I think it's time you guys learned a bit about me. And it's not just about my fashion choices; let's get personal. Over coffee :)

The best way to break the ice is with fun facts. Of course, I will continue thinking of different ways you all can get to know me. But for now, it's a good way to start!

1. Why fashion? - Basic question to ask someone who considers themselves a fashion blogger (or would like to). When I was four, my mom had this beat up sewing machine that used to be ugly but would now be considered deliciously vintage. She made all kinds of dresses and matching sets for me with it. We'd go pick out fabric together and come up with different necklines and trims. It saved our lives; hers because we couldn't even afford WalMart prices and mine because I didn't have to hear her tell me no yet again. I loved creating something out of practically nothing. It was a fun bonding experience that forced me to focus on details. Putting yourself together builds confidence, establishes power, earns respect and is just straight up fun.

2. Something a little more basic, where I'm from - Moscow, Russia.

3. Heritage - Not just Russian, I'm half Cuban too, hence the tan.

4. What I love aside from fashion - I love writing, but unfortunately haven't had as much time for it lately. When I get a chance, I love to write poetry and short stories. Don't ask me why, but the content can be pretty depressing. Most of the time the endings brighten up but I just feel the easiest thing to relate to is struggle. Life is tough and can take us in unexpected/ unwanted directions at times. It's how those things are dealt with and perceived that interests me. We're all different and the end of a chapter has unlimited possibilities based on our decisions. 

5. My idea of "fun" - It depends on my mood. After a long work week of 40+ hours, I tend to be in a bar hopping mood on a Friday night. Dancing is a good time but lately I prefer to just go into a craft beer bar with a rustic ambience and socialize with my small group of friends. I also really enjoy more physically active and engaging things such as canoeing, biking, hiking and, hell, Escape Rooms. And what kind of a fashion blogger would I be if I didn't thrive in a good thrift hunt. But most of all, put me on a plane to a place I've never been. That's where the real fun is.

6. Speaking of travels, top 3 places on the bucket list - Paris, Amalfi Coast, Bora Bora

7. Blogging journey so far - I am the busiest person I know and have a hard time fitting everything into one day. It's all about priorities. I actually first started this blog in 2014. But, being in my last semester in college, I couldn't figure out how to manage school, work and picture taking. So I quit for over 6 months and I did that 2 more times. Then I made more excuses and revamped my blog and have never been more proud. However, I can do better. I need to learn how to say no sometimes to Taco Tuesday or spending hours window shopping at the mall. This is more satisfying and important (but I still need Taco Tuesday occasionally so, yeah).

8. What I majored in as an undergrad - My undergrad was in Biomedical Sciences. I didn't even know what that meant at first. It's basically an equal mix of chemistry and biology. And it was hard as fuck. I remember those melt downs like they were yesterday.

9. What I do for a living - No, blogging doesn't pay the bills. I know you caught that 40+ hours thing, though. I am actually a chemist (hard work and melt downs paid off). I formulate skin care, dietary supplements, sports nutrition and started with OTCs recently. I am WAY more into skin care than anything else and really want to continue taking my career in that direction. Although flavoring a preworkout powder or some protein can be fun.

10. Why The Shades of Uncool - I'm sure some people have wondered wtf. A few years ago, I went through a Lana del Rey obsession that was so severe, I knew I wanted my blog name to be related to her. I listened to every song she has released and there was something about Shades of Cool that got me. That broke down life she sang about could be so sexy, in an odd way. I still wanted my own twist and uncool just worked. I was by no means the cool girl. EVER. I did not have designer clothes and my poor parents bought me 1 pair of full price Nikes and I took care of them like they were my children. Because that was it with those purchases. I had absolutely no confidence in myself because of my body issues and even though I don't feel that way so much anymore, that habit of not being confident occasionally kicks in. I'm awkward, quiet, observant and bubbly is for champagne. But I think my sense of humor kicks ass. I don't care about fitting in. I care about understanding who I really am.

Black Tee Shirt  Cotton On  | High-waist Jeans + Belt  Express  | Studded Toe Flats  BCBG at DSW   Photo cred  Stephen Swett @thegloriousend

Black Tee Shirt Cotton On | High-waist Jeans + Belt Express | Studded Toe Flats BCBG at DSW

Photo cred Stephen Swett @thegloriousend

And as promised, my favorite way to style a casual, black tee. Pair it with light wash high-waist ripped denim that gives you the opportunity to tuck it in. You take it from studying at the library to ready-for-dinner with that move. I'm currently obsessed with statement belts. Overall, t-shirts don't have much to them. You do wonders to your look by adding a flashy belt. Now, you're drawing eyes to yourself.

Thanks for reading, supporting and following. If there are anymore questions you have for me, comment below or post the questions in my Insta!