Underwear to Outerwear

Bralette + Mesh Long Sleeve  Cotton On  | GF Jeans  PacSun  |  Choker 1  @simpleandprettyjewelry    Photo Cred | Stephen Swett  @thegloriousend           

Bralette + Mesh Long Sleeve Cotton On | GF Jeans PacSun |  Choker 1 @simpleandprettyjewelry

Photo Cred | Stephen Swett @thegloriousend          

Guys, it's been too long. Let's never go this long apart again. There is a certain reason as to why I've been absent and it starts with "There's been a lot going on." Separate blog post announcing some exciting news to come in the future!

But back to fashion. It's been pretty apparent that a growing trend has been to show off your underwear; more specifically, your bra. That's why everyone is now trying to come up with the perfect bralette with just enough lace, while sticking to simplicity, to give sexy but not go over the top. Even with all that simplicity, the bralette can easily be the center of attention for your ootd. It's so fun that it's ok to show this off. Before, forget it. Don't even let a strap be visible! I like the movement into something more risqué and more comfortable. Finally, women said, "I'm done trying to pick out the perfect bra that can be concealed in this top" or "F*** pasties!" Now, although this look is hardly work appropriate, you can pull off at least some cute teasers for many occasions. I can't wait to stock up on these things.

I'll be honest, with most bralettes having no padding and me being an A cup, I had a hard time with how unforgiving they are with the fact that they show the real deal. Can't fake your way through that outfit! So the fact that I'm embracing myself more, even if it began for fashion's sake, is another reason why I love the fashion world.

ANYWAY! Perfect occasions for showing off your underwear would have to be a girls' night out at a bar, club/lounge, fashion related events, etc. Date night is okay, but I'd hold off until you're comfortable with the guy. Maybe I lack some balls but I couldn't picture showing up like this on the first date. To make it a little less eye grabbing, try an unstructured blazer or a shirt that isn't quite as see through.

Thanks for reading and I will have another post later this week!