Basic Fall 101

Long cardigan  Forever 21  | Booties  ALDO

Long cardigan Forever 21 | Booties ALDO

Finally! I get to experience a real fall. Funny thing is, the day these pictures were taken, it was pretty hot. The weather has been fluctuating here every week.

Sooo this is the softest cardigan I've ever worn (multiple people asked if they could wrap themselves in it with me). It was $23 and goes with everything. Everyone needs a neutral comfy cardigan that they can take a nap in and keeps them warm in the upcoming colder weather. 

That's the beauty of fall: lazy chic, lounge clothes. Now, if you don't want to look like a total bum, here's a lesson I may have already preached; The right shoe is where it's at. One with a heel, in particular, will elevate your look in punny ways and not.